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The all-new ZURK Model C! The perfect entry-level e-bike designed to meet the current restrictions and regulations for e-bikes. Although the model C fits in the less exciting category it has impressive features such as reaching its top speed of 25kp/h in less than 4 seconds! This model also features tesla style batteries! Commuting to work has never been more enjoyable riding on the new ZURK Model C - join the crew today.


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10.4ah Samsung Battery

Battery & Range

The ZURK C features a Samsung removable battery with a capacity of 48V and 10.4Ah, along with a built-in rear light. Its estimated range varies from 30 to 50km, contingent upon factors such as riding technique, terrain, and the rider's characteristics.

Bengal Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic Brakes

For the ZURK C, the Bengal hydraulic brakes offer a commendable level of stopping power and precision, ensuring a safe and reliable riding experience. With their innovative hydraulic system, these brakes provide smooth modulation and accurate braking performance in varying conditions, enhancing rider confidence on any terrain. Whether navigating steep descents or making sudden stops, the Bengal hydraulic brakes deliver responsiveness and dependability, contributing to an overall enjoyable and secure riding experience on the ZURK C.

20" x 4" - All Terrain

Tyres & Rims

The all-terrain tires on the ZURK C epitomize versatility, striking an impressive balance between performance and adaptability for a variety of riding styles and surfaces. Designed specifically for on-road and dirt use, these robust tires boast a generous width and sturdy construction, ensuring excellent stability and traction. Riders can confidently tackle a range of terrains, from pavement to gravel, sand, and light off-road trails, thanks to the dependable performance of the ZURK C's all-terrain tires.

In the Box

Included Accessories

In all our electric bikes you'll find almost everything you need to get started!

  • Your Bike
  • Fenders
  • Headlight
  • Drink holder
  • Rear rider rack
  • Rear rider pegs
  • Basic Tool Kit
  • Standard NZ Charger
  • Instructional Manual with links to Instructional videos


The XOFO 250-watt motor is a compact yet powerful electric motor designed specifically for electric bicycles. With a power output of 250 watts, it provides efficient assistance to riders, particularly in situations such as uphill climbs or long-distance rides. Despite its modest power rating, the XOFO 250-watt motor offers adequate torque and acceleration, ensuring a smooth and responsive riding experience.

10.4ah BATTERY

The 10.4Ah battery in the 250-watt ZURK e-bike provides ample power for typical commuting needs. With a highly efficient motor, optimized power consumption, and potential regenerative braking, it offers more than enough range for daily rides, balancing power and efficiency effectively.


Features of the ZURK C

Upgraded Components

The ZURK C features a powerful 1000-lumen front riding light, providing excellent visibility in low-light conditions. Conveniently control the light settings using the menu buttons located on the handlebars, ensuring easy access and customization while riding.

250WATT XOFO Motor

We wanted our customers to be out riding for longer. So we increased the battery size to 20ah! Nearly a 20% increase from the previous models.

Classic Riding Display

The ZURK display gives you real-time readings of current speed, battery level and current time. Adjust pedal-assist levels from a level of 0 to 5. Also track each rides distance travelled along with overall odometer of bike.