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A bike like no other!

The ZURK X offers a ready to go package that is priced perfectly for the current market. With 500watts of power this bike will get you were you need to go at 35kph, and back with the 35km of range available at your fingertips. A bike designed of pure heritage off original motorbike culture dating back 100 years. The ZURK bikes take on this retro design with the latest electric bike technology available in the world!

*Please note this model does not include the front suspension fork

Key Features

Motor Size - 48v 500watt
Battery Size - 12.5ah
Top Speed - 35kp/h
Range - 35km
LCD Display - Included
Watt Hours - 600
Pedal Assistance - Yes
Throttle - Included
Weight - 65lbs w battery
Weight Capacity - 300 pounds (136kg)
Included with the bike -  taillight/rear brake light, removable battery, charger and user manual
Not Included -Front 1000lumens head light, removable rear rack, front and rear mudguards, footpegs (second rider) and drink holder.

Technical Specs 

        • Aluminium-Alloy 6061 Frame
        • Adjustable handlebar height (from ground to handlebar 44" to 49" height adjustment)
        • Shimano 7 Speed Trigger Shifter Drivetrain
        • Large Platform Forged Aluminum Pedals
        • Fat Tires (20" x 4")
        • Black Spokes
        • Maximum Rider Weight : 300lbs
        • Drink Holder
        • 35kph using Throttle
        • 12.5Ah (600 watt hours) Lithium Ion Battery
        • 48V 500W Geared Hub Motor
        • Beautiful Display w/ 5 speed level assist
        • AC 100-240V 2A Charger
        • Use Pedal Assist and / or Throttle
        • 63" long x  44" (handlebar adjustable height up to 49" tall)
        • Seat Height 32"
        • Net Weight: 65lbs w battery

        The ZURK bikes are designed for rider comfort, with its natural riding position and plush motorcycle bench seat. It’s designed to fit riders from 4’9” to 6’9” (145cm to 206cm) and features 4" wide fat tires to ensure a smooth ride.

        E-Bike Laws

        Learn more about the e-bike laws in your location here: https://zurk.co.nz/pages/e-bike-laws

        Country Legal to use in this location
        European Union

        ✘ - Off-Road use only

        ✔ Top Speed Limited to - 20mph or 32.9kph
        New York

        ✔ Top Speed Limited to - 20mph or 32.9kph

        ✔ Top Speed Limited to - 20mph or 32.9kph

        ✘ - Off-Road use only
        New Zealand

        ✘ - Off-Road use only

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